Your home or business.

Completely off the grid.

Why Off Grid

Is it possible? Yes, absolutely. Why should you do it? It's damn cool and downright practical.


Reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Secure clean and quiet power and be immune to grid outages. Earn bragging rights and the pride of being independent and self-sufficient.

Financial Payback

Never pay another energy bill. Works great in areas with high utility costs, on islands, in remote areas, and on energy-intensive properties such as data centers, laundries, and hospitals.

Quality of Life & Land

Improve the air, water, and agricultural quality of your property by stopping the use of fossil fuel generators. No risk of fuel spills and no on-site particulate emissions. Lower environmental footprint overall.

Off Grid Options

There is an off-grid for everyone. If you want to be totally free of the grid and produce 100 percent clean, renewable energy, there is an off-grid for you. If adjusting your lifestyle within a certain daily and weekly “energy budget” sounds totally unattractive, there is an off-grid for you too.

Our three degrees of off-grid accommodate a broad range of goals, budget constraints, and lifestyle interests.


Getting you off the grid takes intelligent planning, cutting edge technologies, and a true understanding of your off grid goals. Explore the solutions that make off grid living possible.

  • All
  • Electricity
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Water
  • Agriculture
Solar Photovolatic Electricity
Solar Thermal Heating and Cooling
Wind Electricity
Geothermal Heating & Cooling
Biomass Heating & Cooling
Hydroelectricity Electricity
Generator or Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Electricity (with some thermal benefit)
Water Well Water
Battery Bank Electricity
Insulation Heating and Cooling
Greenhouse Agriculture
Compost Agriculture
Subsistence Garden Agriculture
Air Sealing Heating & Cooling
LED Grow Lights Agriculture
Xeriscaping Agriculture


We are energy efficiency experts, sustainability scientists, and construction professionals
committed to helping you get off grid

Adam Freedgood

Design Guy

provides realistic insights using whole building design and cutting edge technology to achieve your off-grid ambitions

John Haugen

Data Guy

assesses your site resources, projects your energy production potential, return-on-investment, and overall feasibility

Matt Codner

Construction Guy

manages your off-grid project from start to finish, ensuring seamless coordination w/ local contractors and engineers

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